You Design, We Manufacture, You Install, And Save Big On High End Custom Cabinets

If you are a DIY enthusiast and don’t mind doing a bit of work to save on custom-made cabinetry then this is where you need to start. At CabTek we provide high quality and cost effective flat-packed or assembled options tailored to your specific needs.

Welcome To Cabtek’s Design Tool


When you use the Cabtek design tool there is much less room for error as the design and measurements is sent directly to our machines and executed to the exact spec.
If you need help with the design tool we have some short, easy to follow video tutorials you can follow below, or if you would prefer to get help from one of our experts then please select the ‘free design & quote’ option.

Check out some of our brief tutorials below and start designing your dream space in no time!
Design Your Space A to Z
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Setting up a room
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Changing the colour of the doors
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Modifying a cabinet
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Runner selection
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